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Science Behind Miracle Programme organised by Rongmela Sishu Samaj at Amal Prabha Bhawan, Beltola , Ghy 24/12/2023

Oristajyoti Annaprashan, 17/12/2023

Educational Seminar on Asam Adarsha Bidyalay Borpam 11/11/23
Amrit Kalah, Popular Talk on One time Plastic Pollution and Control 22/9/23
জাৰ্মানীৰ শিক্ষানুৰাগী আকাশ বিজ্ঞান কেন্দ্ৰত
“It is amazing to see how you teach science to the children and create a joyful learning experience.”
— Carolin Schonge, Coordinator of ‘Childaid Network’, Germany, while visiting AKASH Sc & Env Edn Centre at Biswanath Chariali  21/9/2

NCSC: District level teacher training programme organised by NCSC Sonitpur District at Chariali HS & MP School, 19/9/2023

অসম চৰকাৰৰ শিক্ষা বিভাগৰ তৰফৰ পৰা শিক্ষক দিৱসৰ লগত সংগতি ৰাখি উন্মোচন কৰা শিক্ষাজ্যোতি আলোচনীখনত বিজ্ঞান আৰু গণিত ভীতি আঁতৰাবলৈ এই অভাজনে কৰি থকা প্ৰয়াসক স্থান দিয়া বাবে ধন্যবাদ জনাইছোঁ, 5/9/2023

An attempt to popularize science education through innovative activities among students and the public at Mijika High School, 2/9/2023

#science_behind_miracles programme organised by Assam Science Society Tumpreng Regional Branch, West Karbi Anglong, 26/8/2023 #ASTEC #assamsciencesociety

Chandrayaan3 launching 23/8/2023

Energy Drinks are Dangerous to Health

Innovation Jatra by National Innovation Foundation, Government of India at Chengamari High School, Dr Rajiv Mili , Dr Salim Mehmud, Sayantan Dhar are hosting the programme, #NIF #JoyfulLearning #science #14/8/2023

As a resource person in programs to build scientific mindset against superstitions and superstitions among the people of tea estates, Sadharu tea Estate, 29-7-2023

I participate as a resource person on new education policy and popularization of science and mathematics. PWD convention centre, Dispur, Guwahati, 25/7/2023

2Days District Level JALSHALA TRAINING PROGRAMME, Tezpur Chariali Girls High School, 14/7/2023

 #Summer_Shine_Camp organised by Sub-divisional office Gohpur, 3/7/2023

Carrier Counseling program at @Naduar_Senior_secondary_school

Workshop on joyful Science Teaching, Assam Science Society, Narayanpur, Lakhimpur

Workshop on joyful Science Teaching, Assam Science Society, Narayanpur, Lakhimpur

Akash Science Centre Selected as th Best Science Popularisation NGO of Assam, 11-5-2023 

Become Second Child Father, 7-5-2023 

News: An Unique Science Teacher of Assam 

World Earth Day: State Level Tirtheswar Sarmah Memorial Drawing Competition & Excellence in Environment-protection Award to Dr. Prabin Saikia by AKASH 21 & 22 April 2023

Basanta Utsav at Asam Adarsha Bidyalay Borpam, 13/4/2023

Special Program for Students, Elora Science Forum, 4th Biennial State Conference, 7, 8 and 9 April 2023, Venue: Tezpur Government Higher Secondary School.
‘A Week For Life Campaign’,
One-Time Plastic Reduce & Importance of World Water Day 23 March 2023

3 Days Workshop on Innovative Experiment in Physics at Science Centre, NEHU, Meghalaya  10to 13 March 2023

Excellence in Science Award to Dr Akhil Kumar Deka  5-3-2023

Joyful learning at Akash Science and Environment Education Centre Biswanath Chariali 29-1-2023

Workshop on ‘Climate Change & Human Health’ 17-2-2023

Cometztf, the excellent Green Comet ☄️ 30Jan 2023 & 31-1-2023

Gunustav 17-2-2023

Saraswati Puja at Chengamari high School  26-1-2023

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