Ripunjay Bordoloi

life in a nutshell


Science Popularization Worker award from Biswanath District Administration, 15August 2019

Celebration of 150Years of Periodic Table at AKASH 2019

RP & Coordinator of Upper Assam, Bigyan Chetana Yatra 2019

Mnemonics (my 4th book) book published at PWD Convention Centre, Ghy  2019

Disaster Management Class at Chengamari HS 2019

Free distribution of Bigyan Jeuti at Sootea 2019

Golden Jubilee first public meeting at Chengamari HS 2019

Gramya Bigyan Mela at Pichala Science Society Narayanpur 2019

Chief Guest on Science Activities by Aryabhatta, MCD, Gohpur 2019

Master Teacher Trainer at Gyan Bharati Public School Sootea 2019

All Assam Miracle Exposure Group under my Guidance 2019

Mukhyamantrir Bigyan Darshan Programme at Barak Valley Hailkandi Rabindra Bhawan 2019

RP, Mushroom Cultivation among Self-help Group at Chengamari 2019

NCSC, Guide Teacher & Students Training at Monai Joisidhi HS 2019

NCSC, new Biswanath DOC at DC Office 2019

NCSC, Guide Teacher & Students training at Siparia HS School 2019

NCSC, Zonal Level RP Training at Silapathar College 2019

NCSC, State Level, Jowahar Novoday , Rangamati, Tinisukia 2019

RP, NISHTHA 5Days Training First Phase Sootea Balika ME School, 120 Teachers participate 2019

RP, NISHTHA 5 Days Training 2nd Phase Sootea Balika ME School, 120 Teachers participate 2019

RP 5 Days training at Cotton University for NISHTHA by NCERT, Oct 2019

NISHTHA, RP, 5 Days Teacher Training 3rd Phase sootea Balika MVS, 100 Teachers participate  2019

Rabha Divas at Chengamari HS  2019

Rabha Divas by Yuba Sangha at Sootea  2019

Rabha Divas by Sankarguru Namdharma Yuba Samaj at Biswanath  2019

Farewell function of three teachers at Chengamari HS  2019

Chief Gust of Rongjali Baisagu at Chengamari HS  2019

Member of Ripunjay Knowledge Hub, Biswanath  2019

Innovative Physics Training by Ripunjay Bordoloi by Vigyan Prasar at Science Society, Ghy  2019

Grooming & Mentoring at Narayanpur HS School, Lakhimpur  2019

Mushroom Cultivation at Chengamari area under my guidance  2019

RP, State Level Science Teacher training at Bengali HS School, Tezpur   2019

Chief Guest at Sankardev Namdharma Samaj, Nagsankar   2019

RP Training B Barooh College by SCERT, Ghy   2019

Science Behind Miracles State Level training at Science Society, Ghy   2019

Science Behind Miracles at Banatirtha, Narayanpur   2019

Scientific Temperament Day observed at Biswanath Abhyasan Bidyapeeth by AKASH   2019

Secretary Science Exhibition Dekorai HS School Golden Jubilee   2019

Sishu Divas at Chengamari HS   2019

Partial Solar Eclipse  observed at Sootea Balika MVS   2019

Saraswati Puja at Chengamari HS   2019

Technological Training at Ghy by Science Society   2019

Chief Guest at Kumud Sarmah Memorial Science Talk at Tinisuti, Biswanath   2019

Science Journalism talk on the memory of Tirtheswar Sarmah at AKASH Biswanath   2019

World Environment Day at Chengamari HS by Science Society   2019

Biswanath Book Fair Committee   2019

Sahitya sabha School at my old home, Borpam Tiniali, Sootea, Named “Asam Adarsha Bidyalay Borpam”   2019

Agreement with Jatiya Adarsha Sikhsha Sangsad, Sahitya sabha Bhawan, Ghy, Building Construction, Publicity etc   2019

Teacher Training at Sahitya Sabha Bhawan, Ghy  2019

Cycle Rally at Dekorai HS School for awareness on Fuel Consumption, by AIPSN & OIL  2019

Parliamentary Election Presiding at Garehagi, Biswanath 2019

Assam Science Society Biswanath Branch Meeting for Golden Jubilee 2019

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