Ripunjay Bordoloi

life in a nutshell


Ring Ceremony with Priyanka Mudoi, 22-1-2014

Marriage 30-11-2014

Reception 2-12-2014

Athmangala  2014

Basanta Utsav School  2014


Safai Abhijan Nearby School area 2014

Dodo bird donated by Nripen Bordoloi at Akash 2014

National Teacher Training at Lucknow, UP, UNESCO, WWF, CMS 2014

Eri-Muga Workshop at Dering Pathar ME School 2014

School Students Field Survey at BNCA,  2014

Gyan Jatra,  2014

Haati Meet at Bapuji High School, Biswanath  2014

Inspire Award  2014

International Year of Crystallography at Akash  2014

Special Mathematics Class at Akash  2014

Mushroom Laboratory at School  2014

NCSC National Level project & a mechanical intelligence Bed model guided 2014

National Science Day at Akash 2014

NCSC, Teacher Training at Chariali Girls HS School 2014

NCSC, District Level, Sootea Girls HS School 2014

SCERT District level Best Project 2014

NCSC, State Level, Sankardev Kalakshetra 2014

National Environment Awareness Campaign at School 2014

AKASH Outreach Programme at Gamiri High School 2014

AKASH Outreach Programme at Madhab Sanskrit Tol, Jamuguri 2014

Fish Project survey at Pabhoi Green 2014

Eri Project survey at Karsantola 2014

Felicitation programme by District Contractual Association, Ghoramari H S 2014

Annual Magazine Gyan Dipika 2014

School Models 2014

Science Experiment at AKASH 2014

Science Experiment at School 2014

Science Popular Talk at Akash 2014

Sky Watching Programme at Akash 2014

Dinanath  Sarmah Memorial State Level Competition 2014

Tirtheswar Sarma State Level Project Competition 2014

Jadab Payeng Mulai Kathani visit 2014

World Water Day at Akash 2014

Myself 2014


APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial at School 2015

Cultural Programme at School 2015

Emu Bird Project 2015

Gyan Jatra Tezpur 2015

Homage to APJ Abdul Kalam at AKASH 2015

Homage to APJ Abdul Kalam at School 2015

Hubble Space Telescope Day at AKASH 2015

International Year of Light at AKASH 2015

International Year of Soil at AKASH 2015

Special Mathematics Class at AKASH 2015

Mathematics Class at Chengamari high School 2015

Morning Assembly and Self Security for girls at School 2015

National Science Day at AKASH 2015

NCSC Guide Teacher Workshop, 2015

NCSC Project from Chengamari High School, 2015

NCSC Guide Teacher Training phase 2 at Bhaskarjyoti 2015

NCSC Guide Teacher Training phase 3 at Gohpur 2015

NCSC fish breeding project at School 2015

NCSC State level Novoday Titabar 2015

NCSC RP training Zonal at Jorhat Planetarium 2015

Sky Watching Programme at AKASH 2015

PI Day observe  at AKASH 2015

Popular Astronomy Programme  at TUPIA 2015

Project and Model preparation at School 2015

RMSA Teacher training Resource Person Satsang 2015

SCERT Master Trainer Training of Mathematics at Ghy 2015

Rongmela Award Ceremony at Chariali H S School 2015

 Science Activities at Chengamari High School 2015

 Science Activities at AKASH Science Centre 2015

State Level Science Popular Speech Competition Biswanath 2015

Souvenir of Mridul Mahanta edited 2015

State Level Model Exhibition at Saru Sajai Stadium, ghy 2015

State Level Quiz Competition at Binapani by AKASH 2015

Survey Historical Place of Sonitpur with Prof Kshiradhar Baruah 2015

State Level Science Teacher Workshop at Biswanath by Science society 2015

Annual Function Wall Magazine inaugurated Chengamari 2015

Astronomy Workshop at Planeterium , Ghy 2015