Ripunjay Bordoloi

life in a nutshell

starting a new life in Akash
Selected as Secretary of Akash

more science models!
Hand Washing Machine

Chemistry time!
Chariali Girls, Bhaskarjyoti, Chengamari & Madhavdev College
International Year of Chemistry

BEd Magazine time!
Magazine of BEd College

experiments at school!
Science Experiments at school

summer camp time!
Summer camp at Akash Sc Centre


Akash Science Experiments

Assam Science Writers Association Lakhimpur College

Drama Sihu Amar Pran by Students of Luhitmukh

Farewell in school 2012 Batch

Ganges River Dolphin Conservation, Kulsi River 

Gyan Jatra

Hand Writing Magazine SIHU

Inspire Awardee 

Magazine Gyan Dipika School

Michal Faraday Day

Monthly Magazine Gyansagar School

NCSC 2012

National Envirionment Awareness Campaign, NEAC 2012

River Dolphin Mela, Luhitmukh, Gohpur 2012

Rongmela State Level Prize Distribution Ceremony at Binapani Natya Mandir,   Biswanath 2012

Picnic from School 2012

Saraswati Puja School 2012

Telescope donated by SBI, Biswanath 2012

Transit of Venus Workshop 2012

1st Wallmagazine ALOK 2012

World Water Day at AKASH 2012


Chemistry Day observed by AKASH, 2013

Sahitya Sabha Adhibesan at Chengamari, 2013

Observing Comet ISON, 2013

Drama at School, 2013

Farewell class X 2013

Foreigner in our School from Germany’s KURUWA UNIVERSITY & CEE 2013

Foreigner in my Tea Garden, Andrick Boldt & Yanna Burkey 2013

Mathematics Planet Earth Day at AKASH 2013

Fun with Mathematics  at AKASH 2013

National Environment Awareness Campaign, NEAC, 2013

NCSC first District Magazine SPANDAN, 2013

NCSC District Level Jamuguri H S School, 2013

NCSC , My First Project to State level, Dhemaji 2013

National Level Best Project, Calculate the Kinetic Energy of a stream 2013

INSPIRE AWARD Project 2013

NCSC Projects 2013

ARYABHATTA Model Competition 2013

Young Leader for Change, National Level Best Project 2013

Science Experiment with Children at AKASH 2013

Science Experiment with Student at School 2013

Sonitpur District Sahitya Sabha Adhibesan, Imran Shah at School 2013

State Level Inspire Award, Guwahati Kalakshetra 2013

Student Picnic Biswanath Ghat 2013

Saraswati Puja 2013

Teacher Training programme by Bio-Tech Hub, Biswanath 2013

Bagh-Samvad at Bapuji High School & Biswanath Ghat H School 2013

Wall Magazine & Hand writing Magazine  2013

Biology Teaching Technique Teacher training at Bhaskarjyoti HS, sootea  2013

World Environment Day at Akash  2013

World Water Day at Akash  2013

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