Ripunjay Bordoloi

About Me

Ripunjay Bordoloi is a prominent writer in the field of science, science play writer, children drama writer related to environmental awareness, book critics, a most importantly tireless worker for science popularisation, and a responsible teacher. Bordoloi has engaged with so many constructive actions in order to popularise science education as well as to nurture the scientific mind in the society of Assam. His Valuable articles are being published in magazines like ‘ Bigyan Jeuti’, ‘Prantik’, ‘Xatxori’, ‘Natun Rongmela’, ‘onyojug’, as well as in E- magazines such as ‘Muktomoncho’, ‘Anuranan’, ‘Xobdo xilpor Kachiyoli ,’Axomia Wikipediar Bijnan Xitan’ on regular basis. He also writes scientific articles for the science section of several Assamese daily newspapers, tribute memory books as well. Above all, he is working with all his wisdom in the field of science to reach out to most people for a very long time.

Birth & family

Ripunjay Bordoloi is born on 21st November in the year 1984 at Sootea, barpam tiniali, Dist. Biswanath. His parents are Nripen Bordoloi and Abanti Bordoloi. He is married to Priyanka Borodoi in 2014 and has a beautiful daughter named Enakshi Bordoloi.

Completed primary schooling from no.1 sapekhati lower primary school in 1993.

Completed high schooling from Dalangguri Higher Secondary School in 2000
Studied Higher Secondary in Darrang College, 2002 in science stream.

Completed BSc in Chemistry from Biswanath college in 2006
BEd from Biswanath College of Education in 2011
2 years Advanced Diploma in Software technology in2004


Post Graduate Diploma in Plastic Polymer Technology from Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology, Guwahati in 2008

MSc in mathematics under Gauhati University in 2013

Work Life

Ripunjay Bordoloi has worked in Supreme Industries Ltd. From 2008-2009. After that, he joined Chengamari high Secondary School as a Math subject teacher from 2010 to date.

Published Books

  • Jivobichitrata( Biodiversity),2013
  • Amar herai jabo dhora soraibur,( birds to be extinct),2014
  • Aronyo manav Jadav Payeng ( forest man – Jadav Payeng ), 2016
  • Prakriti , bigyan aru ami ( nature , science and us) 2017
  • Mnemonics , 2019
  • Bigyan aronge doronge,2022

Published Text Books

 The Jatiya Adarsha Siksha Sangsad under the Axom Sahitya Sabha has published Eight textbooks of Environmental Science, General Science  & General Mathematics for children aged 3 to 8 years on the basis of National Education Policy 2022 & NCF 2005. These books have been approved by SCERT. 

  • Sahaj Path Sangkhya,(For Nursery Student)2022
  • Aamar Parivesh-I (Class-I), 2021
  • Aamar Parivesh-II (Class-II), 2021
  • Aamar Bigyan-I (Class III), 2022
  • Sahaj Ganit-I (Class-I), 2021
  • Sahaj Ganit-II (Class-II), 2021
  • Sahaj Ganit-III(Class-III), 2022

Contributions to the society

  • As the secretary of Akash Science and Environment Centre established in 2001 and every Sunday there is learning by doing a session with students from class V – VIII  with the motive of making the subject science more interesting from 10 AM-12  noon in the presence of Mr. Bordoloi regularly. This institution is aimed at developing and nurturing a scientific mindset among children. 
  •  RMSA, SCERT, NCERT, SSA has appointed him from 2014 as a resource person for science and math training among the teachers of high secondary schools across the undivided Lalitpur district which is now Biswanath district.
  •  From 2015 IIT- Guwahati and Royal Society of Chemistry has nominated him as Teacher Mentor and doing sessions among students subjected to ‘Chemistry in daily life. 
  • From 2015 he has been working on ‘Sustainable Development’ appointed by WWF and UNICEF
  • Through ‘Innovative Physics Training’, a program under ‘VIGYAN PRASAR’ conducted by Science and Technology Institution, Govt. of India, Bordoloi has been engaged in training physics to the teachers of tribal high secondary schools throughout Assam since 2018.
  •  Since 2018 he has been actively working and arranging various awareness programs all over Assam under the program “science behind the magic” to eradicate superstitions which are prevailing in a society like witch hunting, blind belief, abductor, black magic, etc. after being nominated by  All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) and Assam Science Society. And All Assam unveiling techniques behind supernatural deeds Association is working under his shade. 
  • He has written various science-based children’s dramas and performed by students in many stages all over Assam and trained them all by himself. Such dramas are –‘ xihu Amar Pran( river dolphins are life),2011, prokritir bandhun ( bond of nature), 2012,  prokritir xontan ( child of nature),2013, hahe mahe exaj  ( a feast),  2014, ahok ahok raij , plasticor bottle diok ru kapur niok ( come along people, take clothes in exchange of plastic bottle), 2015, xomudra tumar babe ( ocean its for you),2016, daini kun? ( who is the witch?), 2017, mur loratu onkot bor kesa ( my son is so weak in maths), 2018, ballone aane botoror botora ,2019 
  • In collaboration with Biswanath Agriculture College, he organised a workshop among the people of Chengamari to be financially independent by cultivating the profitable paddy straw mushroom. After being admired by him 20 groups of people have done this and get profited.
  • With his lead, the students of Chengamari high secondary school have been publishing 10 handwritten magazines ( poribex dipika )  and wall magazines  (alok)every year since 2011.
  • Under Bordoloi’s supervision a student of Chengamari High Secondary school, Purnima Bormudoi become the only competitor from North East India among 20 competitors from all over India in ‘Young Leader for Change-2013’. Also in his supervision, more than 200 science projects and models have been done by the students of different schools along with Chengamari high secondary school.
  • He organizes a national Environmental Awareness program, Science-based drawing competition in summer camps, and science exhibitions as well in his school Chengamari HS.
  • He surveyed on National Aquatic animal, Ganges River Dolphin in Dhunaguri, Bihpuria in the district of Lakhimpur. Along with the survey he organized several awareness missions on this endangered species among the local rural tribal community( missing)  
  • In order to eliminate superstitions from the society he has been tirelessly contributing in the field of science, teaching online, TLM that used in teaching  and making videos on supernatural activities which are prevailing in the society and testing them in his own YouTube channel since 2011 and after that and in 2017 the name is changed to Scientific Temperament 
  • In Kokrajhar, 2017 the song Bigyan Jogotor rupali mukuta (juels of science world) written by Ripunjay Bordoloi was considered as the anthem of the National Children Science Congress (NCSC)  by the Director Of ASTEC, Dr. Arup Kumar Mishra.
  • In the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, cooperating with Bordoloi has been conducting online teaching for high secondary students and organizing online science-based quizzes related to the course.
  •  In cooperation with AATSA and VDP, he organized workshops among the tea communities and in slum areas of Biswanath District on making handmade masks to avoid coronavirus infection.
  • Ripunjay Bordoloi is posted as joint secretary of Assam Science Society, Biswanath branch.
  • Coordinator of National Children Science Congress (NCSC) Biswanath District. 
  • Assistant secretary of Assam Academy of Mathematics (AAM), Biswanath District.
  • Organizing Secretary of  Assam Science Writers’ Association (ASWA)
  • Life-time member of Assam Sahitya Sabha.
  • Coordinator of ‘Book Writing & Publishing Committee’ of Jatiya Adarsha Siksha Sangsad, Asam Sahitya Sabha from 2019.
  • He is a guest speaker on the Science Spectrum program of Aakashbani Kendra Jorhat and broadcasts lectures and interviews on children’s topics of science since 2018.
  • President & Scientific Temper Research Director of Scientific Temperament from the Established Year 2018.


Awards and recognition

  • Ripunjay Bordoloi was awarded “Best Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar” on 22nd March of 2013 by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, and Centre of Environment Education CEE, North East India. Remarkably to observe his significant works researchers Yana Burkey and Andrick Bodlt from the university of Kurowa Germany came to visit his school Chenagamri HS.
  • ‘Science Popularisation Award’, from Biswanath District Administration, 15 August 2019.
  • The Scientific Temperament Organization was selected for ISRO’s Space Tutor Programme on 5th August 2022. He is the President of this organization.   
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